Cremation has become more and more in demand in recent years, and Lincoln Memorial Park offers a variety of options for memorialization and final resting places for your loved ones. Cremation urns may be interred in an above ground Columbarium Niche, placed above ground in a Private Family Estate within designated gardens, or families may choose from our traditional in-ground burial options.


family estate.jpg

Private Family Estate

Cremation Estates are the perfect choice for those who would choose cremation but would still like to remain together with their family. Cremation Estates are similar to the family estates but instead of a private mausoleum, a private columbarium is used. We have options that could accommodate as few as two or custom designs that could be as large as a family would choose to build. 


Traditional Burial of Cremation Urn

Much like with a casket burial, below-ground cremation burials are available in nearly all sections of our park. Cremation burials allow for a single grave space to accommodate as many as two loved ones, and in some circumstances three.

side graves.jpg

Placement in Columbarium Niche

With this burial option, your loved one’s cremated remains are placed in an urn which is then placed in a niche, or space in a columbarium. The front of the niche can be personalized with a ceramic porcelain photo and a bronze memorial plaque, and a vase can be installed in front of the columbarium. We offer individual niches with are designed to accommodate standard single urns and companion niches which are designed to accommodate two urns or urns designed for couples.