Upright Monuments

Our family service counselors pride themselves on helping you to design a memorial that reflects the life and characteristics of your family and loved ones. We will work with our suppliers to ensure your monument is exactly as you want it to be.



Family service counselors will work with you to design your monument using our wide selection of available designs which are permanently sandblasted into the finish. Your design experience includes your choice of monument design, granite color, and personalized endearment phrase. 

Lincoln Memorial Park offers a number of floral vase designs in bronze, granite, aluminum and zinc. Floral vases can either be part of the design of a monument or they can be installed in addition to a monument.

You even have the option to add personalized touches to celebrate the passions and beliefs of your loved one using a large selection of emblems, which range from religious symbols to semi trucks and knitting needles. If a black granite marker is selected, we work with an artist who can take a photograph of your loved one and etch it directly on the stone by hand. (Additional costs may apply.)


Monuments are priced by size, type of granite and the complexity of the embellishments.


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Monument design

Upright monuments come in a wide variety of standard designs which are then customized to a family’s specifications. However, Upright Monuments can also be completely custom made. If there is something that you had in mind that you do not see on our website, we can have a design custom made as you would like it. Many people see something on a building or on statue that they would like to incorporate into an upright monument, and when asked if we can make it, our answer is usually “Yes, we can.”



Granite is a unique natural product and while the images below are intended to match the granite as closely as possible, some variation is possible. Additional options may be available.


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Memorial Personalization

Celebrate your loved one's memory with a photo-realistic etching. You are able to use your own photo portrait to custom design a personal and meaningful memorial that reflects your loved one's life.

Photos are etched on granite and can be further customized with emblems to reflect the ultimate in personalization. We assist you through the entire process and monitor the design and creation of your memorial through completion.




If you are out of town or out of state, we can assist you in honoring your loved one. Through email we have assisted many families across the country to design their personalized memorial.

Finally, because of our prices, consideration and ease of design, we are happy to assist families in designing a memorial for their family who is buried elsewhere.