Is lincoln Memorial Park family owned?

Yes, Lincoln Memorial Park is one of several Chicagoland Memorial Parks that are owned by a local, actively involved family. From the leadership to the employees, our goal is to provide as pleasant an experience as possible during a difficult time. Our focus is guiding a mourning family through the necessary steps of making the final resting place arrangements for a loved one.


How do I know that your cemetery will be there when I need it?

Every grave purchase has 15% of the sales proceeds placed in a trust fund which are set aside for the maintenance of the cemetery. This includes grass-cutting, tree trimming and planting, landscaping, and maintenance of roads. Of that trust fund, Lincoln Memorial Park is not allowed to touch the principal. Only the interest is used to ensure the cemetery’s existence for generations.


What kind of care will my site receive?

The cemetery will fill in sunken graves with topsoil and plant and cut grass. It will not repair monuments, grave markers or memorials or plant flowers or ornamental plants.


When I purchase a grave, do I own the land?

When a person purchases a grave or space they own a right of interment, sometimes known as a burial right. This gives them the right to say how that space is used and we will honor their wishes even after their death. The land itself is owned by the cemetery and the cemetery rules and regulations must be followed.

Although one right of interment is often bought for one grave, it is possible to purchase a second right of interment for a single space. This must and can be easily done in writing before a person’s death. If not, having a second right of interment can be very difficult to accomplish and, in extreme cases, could even require a court order. 


Is the cemetery liable for weather damage, vandalism or theft?

Lincoln Memorial Park is not responsible for vandalism, theft or acts of nature. However, we request that you report any suspicious activity to the Cemetery office.


Why is it important to have a memorial?

Memorials honor our family and friends and serve as lasting tribute to our loved ones. They provide a history of past generations for us and our ancestors, and they can provide a snapshot of a person’s life and loves.


I’m planning on cremation. Do I still need to make burial plans?

Cremation has become a popular choice for a number of reasons, however, there are still many decisions to be made. Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial plot or above ground in a mausoleum niche, and by making plans, you can make your burial wishes clear and lock in today’s prices.


Do I need to plan ahead for a memorial? Isn’t that something my family should decide?

A memorial is a personal reflection of a person’s life. Preplanning gives you and your family the time to reflect upon the memorialization that will be most meaningful, and by planning ahead you can secure today’s prices.



Please contact our Administrative Office at (630) 898-6230 if you have additional questions