Lincoln Memorial Park offers a wide variety of burial options for individuals or families that can accommodate virtually every faith and cultural tradition. 



Those looking to have several family members buried in the same cemetery in a section of their choice should explore our Family Estate options. 

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Family Monuments

A Family Monument section is where a family chooses a group of spaces in one of our many beautiful gardens that will be reserved for their family and loved ones. Each Family Monument section typically has an upright monument with family members buried beside each other. These Family Estates can accommodate as little as two family members and up to twelve family members.

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Private Estates

A Private Estate will typically accommodate two to eight family members in their own mausoleum, and can be walled and gated or hedged by vegetation for those wishing to have a private or semi-private estate.



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Traditional INDIVIDUAL Burials

Below ground burials are the most widely chosen form of burial which, for many, symbolizes a return to nature. Single spaces offer the most versatility, allowing for loved ones to choose the space itself, the outer burial container or vault, and an individualized memorial.


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Double internment lawn crypts

Lawn Crypts are similar to traditional burials in that they are below ground but they offer many of the benefits of above-ground burials. Each space comes equipped with vaults for two loved ones and offers superior protection from the elements.