Memorial Garden Map

tree lined street.JPG

Lincoln Memorial Park has winding tree-lined avenues, meticulously maintained monuments, and peaceful arboretum-like sections. The office was originally a farmhouse that was built well over 100 years ago.

There are many themed sections of the cemetery beginning with the Veterans’ Garden in front of the office, which has two cannons on display. There is the Garden of Christus which has a large statue of Christ, the Garden of the Rugged Cross which, as the name suggests, has a large rugged wooden cross set between two evergreens, the Garden of the Last Supper which has a sandstone etching of the Last Supper, and many others.

statue amongst trees.JPG

veterans Garden

Garden of Christus

cross amongst trees.JPG

garden of the rugged cross

Last supper.jpg

garden of the last supper